Westland Boat Covers
Westland brand boat covers provide the best fit and quality in the industry. Continual research and development, combined with over 36 years experience in manufacturing covers, make Westland Boat Covers stand out from the rest.

About Westland Boat Covers

Westland Boat Westland provides "Best-in-class" tailoring and sewing which makes their covers fit like a glove, plus the addition of significant reinforcement at wear points, manufacturing processes that ensure fabric durability and extended cover life, and a unique "shingle" layering technique which allows water to run seamlessly off the cover.

It's no wonder Westland is a leader in the cover business.

Superior Quality with an "Exact Fit"

Westland Stitch 2 Westland has been in the cover business for over 36 years and has earned a trusted name in the Marine Industry. Westland Industries prides itself on having the "World's Best" fitting covers.

Every pattern is approved by a highly tenured staff of design craftsman. Each pattern is digitally inserted and electronically cut for maximum repeatability.

Westland Boat Covers offer:
  • A perfect fit for each specific make and model.
  • Specific patterns to account for every angle, snap, rail and option giving a snug fit for your cover.

Special Fabric Features of Westland Boat Covers

Westland Stitch Westland has used its extensive experience to engineer specific textiles for use in boat cover applications.

These materials set the industry standard for quality and longevity.

Each cover is sewn with extreme care to construct a high quality product.

The four fabric selections offer "Best-in-Class" value.

Westland engineers its covers for durability, ease of use, and performance enhancing chemical coatings to defend against mildew, water leakage, and offer UV protection.

Special Sewing Features of Westland Boat Covers

Westland Strap
Westland Strap 2
Westland continues to lead the industry in quality. Westland prides itself in maintaining the lowest rate of return and the highest rate of repeat customers. This is accomplished through years of refinement to create the most precise manufacturing and cutting-edge techniques.

Westland uses state of the art sewing machines with ball tip needles that have rounded tips rather than sharp tips.

This results in a gentle entry into the fabric thus eliminating potential damage to any of the fibers. It also leads to clean, quality stitching that can easily be seen.

Some other features Westland utilizes in sewing covers include:
  • Only the highest quality, UV resistant, anti wicking threads are used
  • Sewn using double needle stitching using the thickest, longest lasting thread in the industry.
  • All fabric panels are positioned and sewn so water always runs away from the seams not into them, unlike competing brands.
  • All tailoring darts are over-locked and lock stitched providing "best in class" seams.
  • All excess material is removed from darts and seams so dirt and mildew cannot collect.
  • Tie-down locations are not only done with webbing, the loops are also strategically placed to help distribute the load and add product longevity.
  • Hems are double folded to give additional tie down support.

Added Value Features of Westland Boat Covers

Westland Vent Westland maintains its standards and wants every customer to feel good about the purchase. Westland does not compromise quality in order to simply price-match the competition.

Westland maintains the highest quality standards, and will continue to do so with every cover manufactured.

Westland products also feature high quality additions to their covers:
  • Westland uses the highest load webbing to create a strapping system that is easy to use. The included strapping device is the easiest and most reliable system on the market.
  • Westland uses an unbreakable poly rope for circumference cinching, ensuring that when cinched up properly, it will give you confidence that the cover won't ever blow off.
  • Westland also includes two sewn-in vents in every cover to help prevent moisture build-up.

Special Reinforcing Features

Westland reinforced Westland's quality is visible on the outside as well as on the underside.

Westland's specially designed reinforcing material creates a soft, friendly patch that also adds wearability strength. Westland's quality never allows the use of remnants or seconds for reinforcement as a means to offer a more competitive price point.

Vulnerable wear stress points are double reinforced with extra tough sewn in material, not glued or ironed on like many comparative products. The reinforcements are oversized to ensure maximum protection thus extending the life of your cover.
  • Reinforcements are used where necessary around windshields, trolling motors or any other known wear points, and are specific to each make and model creating a reinforced system for your boat.
  • Westland is the only company that reinforces the area around the rope tie-off and motor surround with heavy-duty webbing.

Expert Pattern Making

Westland Comparison Westland's "EXACT FIT" boat covers increase the amount of darting to ensure the tightest fit possible, all with ease of installation in mind.

Through years' of cover design, research, and innovation, Westland has perfected their unique "panel assembly" construction which actually forces water runoff to flow uninterrupted over every seam - in every direction - preventing pooling and dirt accumulation.

To enhance your investment, add a pole or support system that will help protect your boat by enhancing its ability to stop pooling water and snow from collecting on your cover.

Boat Cover Comparison

Westland manufactures the highest quality covers with you, the customer in mind.

For the best value, choose a Westland manufactured boat cover.

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