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Outboard, Sterndrive & Inboard
Outboard vs. Sterndrive vs. Inboard - Does it matter?
  • Outboard (O/B) - Removable engine mounted to the transom of the boat.
  • Sterndrive or Inboard/Outdrive (I/O) - Permanent engine mounted on stern of boat with portion of engine (the outdrive) in the water.
  • Inboard (I/B) - Permanent engine mounted in the center / stern of boat with only the propeller shaft exposed to water.

Choose the right cover for your engine!
  • The cover for an outboard motor (O/B) will typically not fit a boat with a sterndrive (I/O) engine.
  • Depending on the style of your boat, you will likely be given an option to select a cover made for either an outboard motor (O/B) or for a sterndrive (I/O) engine.
  • The sterndrive cover should be used for both sterndrive (I/O) boats and (I/B) boats.