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How To Measure Your Centerline Length

Measure Centerline
Centerline Length Quick Tips:
  • To measure the centerline length, stand inside the boat and run a measuring tape from “tip to tip” (tip of the bow to tip of the transom) through the center of the boat. Note: Do not measure up and around the windshield - measure straight through the center of the boat.
  • Add the length of any installed accessories that should be covered by the boat cover (such as bow pulpits, jack plates, and extended swim platforms) to the centerline length.
  • Example - A boat has a centerline length of 22 feet. A bow pulpit that measures 3 feet in length is installed on the boat. For the cover to fit properly, the correct centerline length for the boat would now be 25 feet (original centerline length + length of bow pulpit).
  • You can also look-up your boat’s centerline length by using our Boat Manufacturer Reference Guide