Sea Ray Boats 200 Sundeck Boat Cover 200 Sundeck (2003 - 2008) Westland Custom Boat Cover

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Add Vented Support Pole
+ $46.99
Free Cover Straps
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Add Pole w/ Adhesive Snap
+ $42.99
Add Cincher
+ $28.99
Vented Support Pole

This pole not only supports your cover, but also vents it to prevent mildew build up on the inside.

Includes vent and adjustable support pole.
Only + $46.99 You Save 38%
Cover Straps

Includes 12 straps.

Straps have buckles and fit through the loops sewn into Westland semi-custom boat covers.
Free with you order!
Pole w/ Adhesive Snap
The included snap patch helps keep the snap style pole in place as it supports the boat cover.

No need to cut a hole in the boat cover.

No sewing required - Just peel and stick!

Includes boat cover support pole with snap end and the self-adhesive snap patch.
Only + $42.99 You Save 32%

The answer to a knot free, quick and easy way to draw your boat cover's rope.

Can secure anything with a 1/4" rope or cord - boxes, crates, tarps, bikes, etc.
Only + $28.99 You Save 21%
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Made-To-Order Covers
10 Year Warranty


100% acrylic & 10 year warranty
MSRP: $2050.32
Save: $888.47 (43%)
5 Year Warranty

Sharkskin Plus

100% polyester & 5 year warranty
MSRP: $986.00
Save: $427.27 (43%)

Westland Cover Features

Made-To-Order Custom Covers

  • Made in 10 business days or less!
  • Trailerable
  • Now with sewn-in vents to help prevent mildew!
  • Sewn in loops for straps.
  • 12 straps + buckles & special adapters.
  • Extra-tough sewn-in reinforcements.
  • 1/4" Draw rope sewn into the hem.

About Westland Custom Boat Covers

Westland Custom Boat Covers Sea Ray 200 Sundeck Custom Boat Covers
(Representative Photo Only)

Westland Custom Boat Covers

Westland brand boat covers provide the best fit and quality in the industry. Continual research and development, combined with over 28 years experience in manufacturing covers, make Westland covers stand out from the rest.

Westland provides "Best-in-class" tailoring and sewing which makes their covers fit like a glove, plus the addition of significant reinforcement at wear points, manufacturing processes that ensure fabric durability and extended cover life, and a unique "shingle" layering technique which allows water to run seamlessly off the cover.

It's no wonder Westland is a leader in the cover business.

Westland Cover Fabrics

5 year limited warranty
11 colors available
6.5 oz. polyester, 450 denier
100% polyester
10 year limited warranty
20 colors available
9.25 oz. marine acrylic
100% acrylic
7 year limited warranty
5 colors available
Solution-dyed polyester, 600 denier
100% polyester

About Westland 'Made-To-Order' Boat Covers

Westland  Boat Covers
Made-To-Order Boat Covers will be manufacturered & shipped out in 10 Business Days or less.

Made-To-Order Westland Boat Covers are manufactured to your exact boat & size specification, as well as your unique fabric and color selection.

The order is sent electronically to the manufacturer after you checkout & your order is completed.

Westland Videos

How to put on a Westland Cover

Learn how to secure your new Westland Cover to your boat for Mooring and Trailering.


Reviews for Westland Custom Boat Covers

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22% (128)
4% (25)
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2% (12)
Westland Cover Reviews
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Specific Reviews
Reviews for this Westland Custom Cover
Cover reviewed on Oct 14th, 2016
Fabric: Sunbrella
Beautiful, high quality boat cover. Fits perfectly.
Cover reviewed on Jun 17th, 2013
Fabric: Sunbrella
1 out of 1 users found this review helpful
The custom fitted Sunbrella boat cover is amazing. It totally fits like a glove. It was made exactly to the specifications and measurements of my SeaRay Sundeck 200. In one word: AMAZING. It is worth every penny. You will not be disappointed. The cover is made by Westland which is a very reputable company. I also bought the little ratchet cincher thingy that tightens the rope around the edge. That little thing is also amazing. So simple, but it does its job like nothing else would do. It tightens the rope around the edge perfectly and in a matter of a few seconds. No effort is involved. It is particularly important if you intend to trailer with ANY cover. My only complaint about the cover itself is that it has two plastic hood shaped baffles that are supposed to permit air circulation and help keep moisture from building up in the boat. My problem with them is that I live in Arizona, and the Arizona sun totally DESTROYS anything made of plastic. My concern is that those two plastic baffles will be cracked and eventually turned to crumbled dust in a couple of years. If that happens, then I will be left with two holes in the top of the cover which would then allow water to easily enter the cover from the top. (The two baffles are located on the top of the boat cover, just behind the windshield. One is kind of above the driver's seat area and the other is kind of above the passenger seat area (next to and to the left of the driver). I hope I am wrong, but if I am not, then I will be contacting them and taking advantage of the warranty. I will find out just how good their warranty is at that time. I hope I am not disappointed. This boat cover is too expensive to put something flimsy on it like those two plastic baffles. I hope the material they are made with is superior, and I am wrong about them. We shall see. Other than those baffles though, this boat cover is amazing. People living in areas with less intense sun probably do not have to worry about the baffles. I bought the Linen color and it looks great. I bought the Linen color because I wanted a color that reflects the sun, not absorbs the sun. The cover includes sturdy tie down straps that are easy to install and adjust. I recommend this cover, and I would buy it again. Oh, and iBoats had the BEST price, and free shipping. I looked all around, and iBoats was the best.
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