Rinker Boats 204 Deck Boat Cover 204 Deck (1989 - 1990) Westland Semi-Custom Boat Cover

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Add Vented Support Pole
+ $46.99
Add Cover Straps
+ $36.99
Add Pole w/ Adhesive Snap
+ $42.99
Add Cincher
+ $28.99
Vented Support Pole

This pole not only supports your cover, but also vents it to prevent mildew build up on the inside.

Includes vent and adjustable support pole.
Only + $46.99 You Save 38%
Cover Straps

Includes 12 straps.

Straps have buckles and fit through the loops sewn into Westland semi-custom boat covers.
Only + $36.99 You Save 34%
Pole w/ Adhesive Snap
The included snap patch helps keep the snap style pole in place as it supports the boat cover.

No need to cut a hole in the boat cover.

No sewing required - Just peel and stick!

Includes boat cover support pole with snap end and the self-adhesive snap patch.
Only + $42.99 You Save 32%

The answer to a knot free, quick and easy way to draw your boat cover's rope.

Can secure anything with a 1/4" rope or cord - boxes, crates, tarps, bikes, etc.
Only + $28.99 You Save 21%
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Made-To-Order Covers
10 Year Warranty


100% acrylic & 10 year warranty
MSRP: $1431.32
Save: $620.24 (43%)
5 Year Warranty

Sharkskin Plus

100% polyester & 5 year warranty
MSRP: $733.41
Save: $317.81 (43%)

Westland Cover Features

Made-To-Order Semi-Custom Covers

  • Made in 10 business days or less!
  • Plus, sewn-in vents included on all semi-custom covers!
  • 1/4" Draw rope sewn into the hem.
  • Sewn in loops for straps with trailerable covers.
  • Strap kit sold separately, except when included with specials.
  • O/B motor hoods sold separately.

About Westland Semi-Custom Boat Covers

Westland Semi-Custom Boat Covers Rinker 204 Deck Boat Semi-Custom Boat Covers
(Representative Photo Only)

Westland Semi-Custom Boat Covers

Westland brand boat covers provide the best fit and quality in the industry. Continual research and development, combined with over 28 years experience in manufacturing covers, make Westland covers stand out from the rest.

Westland provides "Best-in-class" tailoring and sewing which makes their covers fit like a glove, manufacturing processes that ensure fabric durability and extended cover life, and a unique "shingle" layering technique which allows water to run seamlessly off the cover. Trailerable covers also include the addition of significant reinforcement at wear points.

It's no wonder Westland is a leader in the cover business.

Westland Cover Fabrics

5 year limited warranty
11 colors available
6.5 oz. polyester, 450 denier
100% polyester
10 year limited warranty
20 colors available
9.25 oz. marine acrylic
100% acrylic
7 year limited warranty
5 colors available
Solution-dyed polyester, 600 denier
100% polyester

About Westland 'Made-To-Order' Boat Covers

Westland  Boat Covers
Made-To-Order Boat Covers will be manufacturered & shipped out in 10 Business Days or less.

Made-To-Order Westland Boat Covers are manufactured to your exact boat & size specification, as well as your unique fabric and color selection.

The order is sent electronically to the manufacturer after you checkout & your order is completed.

Westland Videos

How to put on a Westland Cover

Learn how to secure your new Westland Cover to your boat for Mooring and Trailering.


Reviews for Westland Semi-Custom Boat Covers

53% (217)
26% (109)
10% (41)
3% (16)
6% (25)
Westland Cover Reviews
  • Scores shown are based on all Westland semi-custom boat cover reviews.
  • Specific Reviews are reviews for this exact boat cover part number.
  • Other Reviews are reviews for similar Westland semi-custom boat covers.
Specific Reviews
Reviews for Westland 204 Deck Boat Cover
Cover reviewed on Jun 22nd, 2017
Fabric: Sharkskin Plus
I put my specific boat type into the iboats site and was recommended the D1420XS as a specific fit for my boat. When I got the cover I noted a label on it stating it fit 20ft boats with 102" beam, indeed that's my boat size. I didn't find the fit matched the label. The cover had about 1.5ft extra material at the bow. There is a drawstring at the back (which they call a shock cord, it's a draw string) to take in extra material. However, this would not do on my boat. The front of the cover narrowed in such a way that in order to get it to the bow I would have to have the extra material in the front. In the stern, even with the extra 1.5ft in the bow, I still had an extra ft in the stern. Since my intention was to be able trailer the cover - this extra 1.5ft in the bow would not do, it would catch wind and that would be the end of trailering. So as a measure of hope I opened the straps I bought with the cover...they seem well manufactured (as did the cover) and s y. I strapped down every place I could. The beam fit was very true. I would say that if you have any rough corners on the boat that you are covering, you should investigate duck taping or reinforcing the inside of the cover that would lay there - as nice as the cover was, even if it fit, I could tell there were spots that would have holes quick (I have a bimini shade which lays down flat, but the bars were definitely going to wear on the cover). At any rate - strapped down, beam fit was true, only it narrowed in the bow a few inches. My boat narrows in the bow as well, but not as much as the cover. The cover was made for a boat with a deep V bow, not the blunted front of a deck boat. Still, I could have lived with it. However, in the front 4 ft of the cover there are no tie down straps, so no way to stow down that extra material. OK, well that basically killed it. When I was done I had a cover that didn't fit any better than a general fit cover from a national sport goods chain which was sized to a boat 3ft longer than mine, and not specific to deck boats at all...in fact, it fit EXACTLY like the cheaper oversized cover that I had been using from that national sporting goods chain - for the last 2 years...but at a very different cost. I contacted iboats customer service the day after receiving it and trying it on the boat. They asked me for some photos. I expressed that I didn't think I should have to pay a restocking fee since the cover clearly was cut to fit a longer boat than mine. They did not comment on restocking fee - sent me shipping label to ship everything back. That was about 2 weeks ago. They have not refunded me yet, they are 'inspecting' the product to make sure it is returnable (undamaged? new condition?) Iboats customer service has been polite and responsive to my emails. I find the waiting for return/refund to be a bit long, and I also am curious if I'm going to have to argue about this restocking fee. However, at this time I can say they have been helpful. So cover fit - Zero stars of 5...it didn't fit, it was the same fit as a cover that wasn't really made for my boat at all. It was in no way semi custom fit...it was just a general size fit for a boat 3ft longer than mine. Cover material and workmanship...4 stars out of 5...ignoring the size issue the cover seemed well made. I thought the draw string was a bit thin and suspected it would be the first piece of the cover to rot and be replaced (easy replacement though). Customer service...currently 5 stars out of 5...assuming the restocking fee is not an issue.
Cover reviewed on Sep 21st, 2015
Fabric: Sharkskin Plus
I provided the exact make, model, length, and type of boat I have. What I got was a generic, plain, rectangle tarp that does not fit well at all. I am quite disappointed.
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