Malibu 20 Skier Boat Cover Skier 20 (1988 - 1994) Westland Semi-Custom Boat Cover

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Add Vented Support Pole
+ $46.99
Add Cover Straps
+ $36.99
Add Pole w/ Adhesive Snap
+ $42.99
Add Cincher
+ $28.99
Vented Support Pole

This pole not only supports your cover, but also vents it to prevent mildew build up on the inside.

Includes vent and adjustable support pole.
Only + $46.99 You Save 38%
Cover Straps

Includes 12 straps.

Straps have buckles and fit through the loops sewn into Westland semi-custom boat covers.
Only + $36.99 You Save 34%
Pole w/ Adhesive Snap
The included snap patch helps keep the snap style pole in place as it supports the boat cover.

No need to cut a hole in the boat cover.

No sewing required - Just peel and stick!

Includes boat cover support pole with snap end and the self-adhesive snap patch.
Only + $42.99 You Save 32%

The answer to a knot free, quick and easy way to draw your boat cover's rope.

Can secure anything with a 1/4" rope or cord - boxes, crates, tarps, bikes, etc.
Only + $28.99 You Save 21%
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Made-To-Order Covers
10 Year Warranty


100% acrylic & 10 year warranty
MSRP: $1101.62
Save: $477.37 (43%)
5 Year Warranty

Sharkskin Plus

100% polyester & 5 year warranty
MSRP: $511.47
Save: $221.64 (43%)

Westland Cover Features

Made-To-Order Semi-Custom Covers

  • Made in 10 business days or less!
  • Plus, sewn-in vents included on all semi-custom covers!
  • 1/4" Draw rope sewn into the hem.
  • Sewn in loops for straps with trailerable covers.
  • Strap kit sold separately, except when included with specials.
  • O/B motor hoods sold separately.

About Westland Semi-Custom Boat Covers

Westland Semi-Custom Boat Covers Malibu 20 Skier Semi-Custom Boat Covers
(Representative Photo Only)

Westland Semi-Custom Boat Covers

Westland brand boat covers provide the best fit and quality in the industry. Continual research and development, combined with over 28 years experience in manufacturing covers, make Westland covers stand out from the rest.

Westland provides "Best-in-class" tailoring and sewing which makes their covers fit like a glove, manufacturing processes that ensure fabric durability and extended cover life, and a unique "shingle" layering technique which allows water to run seamlessly off the cover. Trailerable covers also include the addition of significant reinforcement at wear points.

It's no wonder Westland is a leader in the cover business.

Westland Cover Fabrics

5 year limited warranty
11 colors available
6.5 oz. polyester, 450 denier
100% polyester
10 year limited warranty
20 colors available
9.25 oz. marine acrylic
100% acrylic
7 year limited warranty
5 colors available
Solution-dyed polyester, 600 denier
100% polyester

About Westland 'Made-To-Order' Boat Covers

Westland  Boat Covers
Made-To-Order Boat Covers will be manufacturered & shipped out in 10 Business Days or less.

Made-To-Order Westland Boat Covers are manufactured to your exact boat & size specification, as well as your unique fabric and color selection.

The order is sent electronically to the manufacturer after you checkout & your order is completed.

Westland Videos

How to put on a Westland Cover

Learn how to secure your new Westland Cover to your boat for Mooring and Trailering.


Reviews for Westland Semi-Custom Boat Covers

53% (217)
26% (109)
10% (41)
3% (16)
6% (25)
Westland Cover Reviews
  • Scores shown are based on all Westland semi-custom boat cover reviews.
  • Specific Reviews are reviews for this exact boat cover part number.
  • Other Reviews are reviews for similar Westland semi-custom boat covers.
Specific Reviews
Reviews for Westland 20 Skier Cover
Cover reviewed on Apr 7th, 2021
Fabric: Sharkskin Plus
I did not expect a perfect fit, but I thought it would be a close fit, but that is not the case. The windshield pocket on the cover is about 14" too far back. At the widest point of the boat, the cover does not even cover the top of the boat, when it should reach under the gunwale. At the back of the boat the cover is way to wide. Over all length, the cover is just long enough, so I can't pull it forward the 14" to make the windshield pocket hit correctly. So the cover hits the windshield, where there is no padding on the cover. I think I could have bought a completely generic cover from Walmart that would have fit better.
Cover reviewed on Jun 26th, 2018
Fabric: Sharkskin Plus
The cover's extra padding didn't line up with the windshield so the cover did not sit correctly on the boat.
Cover reviewed on May 30th, 2017
Fabric: Sharkskin Plus
Selling one size fits all covers as "semi custom". Ordered the cover and was asked numerous times the year, make model of my boat created the illusion they were providing a cover designed for my boat. When installed onto the boat the width at the windshield was too narrow to properly fit over the rub rail to be secured onto the boat. Also found that the windshield pad is more than 4 inches away from the windshield, this coupled with the narrow fit are causing the cover to be stretched over the corners of the windshield which will cause premature wear and failure of the cover. I contacted iboats regarding the poor fitment, provided 5 photos of the "problem areas" as well as boat info and got 3 separate email requests for the exact same information from different "customer service agents" basically the runaround, Then was told because I opened the packaged they wouldn't allow me to return it. terrible cover, only gave it the one star because it's pretty water repellent. Buyer beware!!!!
Cover reviewed on Aug 23rd, 2016
Fabric: Sharkskin Plus
This is the first cover I have ever owned, in 20 years of owning my boat, that did not come with some type of cinch device to help tighten cover around the rub rail. This combined with a cover that appears to be a bit too big results in water gathering near the back of the cover when it rains. Additionally, although they provided me with a vent pole with the cover bring a bit too large and not being able to cinch it down good when the wind blows just a bit the vent pole falls over, again resulting in water pooling up on the cover. I have since implemented the use of Velcro straps to secure vent pole to ski tow pole. Also I've implemented the use of a bow between the inside rails near the back of the boat to keep water from collecting there. But again that falls over because of the size of the cover and no cinch mechanism to make it tight. Product material is nice but with the other issues I'm very concerned about how long it will last. I'm not home every time it rains to go bailout my cover.
Cover reviewed on Jun 29th, 2016
Fabric: Sharkskin Plus
Unfortunately, the cover I ordered via the website did not fit my boat. I spoke to Travis at iboats and he was able to research the cover I needed. He was able to get the new cover out to me right away and also help greatly with the return of the wrong cover. He made the process so easy I will definitely be doing business with iboats for years to come along with referring others!
Cover reviewed on Jul 23rd, 2013
Fabric: Sharkskin Supreme SD
It fits well and looks great. Thanks.
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