Boat Covers

Boat Cover Support Poles

Extend the life of your boat cover!
  • Support poles are a great way to keep rain and snow from collecting on your cover. In general, it is recommended to purchase 2 poles to support the cover - typically 1 pole in the front of the boat and 1 pole in the back.
  • Note: Most cover manufacturer's warranties require the boat cover to be supported by 1 or more poles.
Vented Cover Support Pole

Vented Support Poles
  • Support pole with a vent.
  • Increase air-flow into the boat preventing the potential for mold build-up.
  • Recommended specifically for cover fabrics that contain polyester.

Adjustable Cover Support Poles
Non-Vented Support Poles
  • Support pole without a vent.
  • Recommended for cover fabrics that contain cotton.