Reinell by Kal Kustom by Reinell 179 Kutlass Boat Cover 179 Kutlass Westland Semi-Custom 17' Euro Style V-Hull Runabout Boat Cover

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Add Vented Support Pole
+ $46.99
Add Cover Straps
+ $36.99
Add Pole w/ Adhesive Snap
+ $42.99
Add Cincher
+ $28.99
Vented Support Pole

This pole not only supports your cover, but also vents it to prevent mildew build up on the inside.

Includes vent and adjustable support pole.
Only + $46.99 You Save 38%
Cover Straps

Includes 12 straps.

Straps have buckles and fit through the loops sewn into Westland semi-custom boat covers.
Only + $36.99 You Save 34%
Pole w/ Adhesive Snap
The included snap patch helps keep the snap style pole in place as it supports the boat cover.

No need to cut a hole in the boat cover.

No sewing required - Just peel and stick!

Includes boat cover support pole with snap end and the self-adhesive snap patch.
Only + $42.99 You Save 32%

The answer to a knot free, quick and easy way to draw your boat cover's rope.

Can secure anything with a 1/4" rope or cord - boxes, crates, tarps, bikes, etc.
Only + $28.99 You Save 21%
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Made-To-Order Covers
10 Year Warranty


100% acrylic & 10 year warranty
MSRP: $867.82
Save: $376.05 (43%)
5 Year Warranty

Sharkskin Plus

100% polyester & 5 year warranty
MSRP: $506.62
Save: $219.54 (43%)

Westland Cover Features

Made-To-Order Semi-Custom Covers

  • Made in 10 business days or less!
  • Plus, sewn-in vents included on all semi-custom covers!
  • 1/4" Draw rope sewn into the hem.
  • Sewn in loops for straps with trailerable covers.
  • Strap kit sold separately, except when included with specials.
  • O/B motor hoods sold separately.

Semi-Custom Cover Sizing & Fit Information

Reinell 179 Kutlass Semi-Custom Boat Covers
(Representative Photo Only)

17' Euro Style V-Hull Runabouts Boat Cover

  • Fits Boat Lengths: 16'6" - 17'5"
  • Maximum Beam: 90"
  • Covers fit open and closed bow style runabouts and low profile cuddy style boats with euro style integrated swim platforms and curved glass windshields.
  • Overall centerline listed includes swim platform.
  • Accommodates bow rails up to 3" in height.
  • Motor hood not included on outboard models.

Adjust your size if you have a swim platform and have not included it in the cover length.

Boats with Swim Platforms:

  • Add the length of the integrated swim platform to the centerline length of the boat.
  • For example, a boat with a 20'6" centerline length and a 2' integrated swim platform would need a cover that fits a 22'6" boat.

About Westland Semi-Custom Boat Covers

Westland Semi-Custom Boat Covers

Westland Semi-Custom Boat Covers

Westland brand boat covers provide the best fit and quality in the industry. Continual research and development, combined with over 28 years experience in manufacturing covers, make Westland covers stand out from the rest.

Westland provides "Best-in-class" tailoring and sewing which makes their covers fit like a glove, manufacturing processes that ensure fabric durability and extended cover life, and a unique "shingle" layering technique which allows water to run seamlessly off the cover. Trailerable covers also include the addition of significant reinforcement at wear points.

It's no wonder Westland is a leader in the cover business.

Westland Cover Fabrics

5 year limited warranty
11 colors available
6.5 oz. polyester, 450 denier
100% polyester
10 year limited warranty
20 colors available
9.25 oz. marine acrylic
100% acrylic
7 year limited warranty
5 colors available
Solution-dyed polyester, 600 denier
100% polyester

About Westland 'Made-To-Order' Boat Covers

Westland  Boat Covers
Made-To-Order Boat Covers will be manufacturered & shipped out in 10 Business Days or less.

Made-To-Order Westland Boat Covers are manufactured to your exact boat & size specification, as well as your unique fabric and color selection.

The order is sent electronically to the manufacturer after you checkout & your order is completed.

Westland Videos

How to put on a Westland Cover

Learn how to secure your new Westland Cover to your boat for Mooring and Trailering.


Reviews for Westland Semi-Custom Boat Covers

53% (217)
26% (109)
10% (41)
3% (16)
6% (25)
Westland Cover Reviews
  • Scores shown are based on all Westland semi-custom boat cover reviews.
  • Specific Reviews are reviews for this exact boat cover part number.
  • Other Reviews are reviews for similar Westland semi-custom boat covers.
Specific Reviews
Reviews for Westland 179 Kutlass Cover
Cover reviewed on Oct 2nd, 2020
Fabric: Sharkskin Supreme SD
Seems high quality material, good stitching, fits well and snug around bottom of rub rails. Only criticism is I need more protective anti-chaff material inside for rear ladder, bimini attachment points cleats. It only has anti-chaff along windshield. My previous cover had these other areas, so I cut them out from the old cover and am transferring them to this one. It was also a Semi-Custom fit but those pads were included. Otherwise excellent.
Cover reviewed on Aug 23rd, 2017
Fabric: Sunbrella
This boat cover really fits well on my 1986 Larson Citation IO with the exception of the stern ladder. The semi custom cover will need to become custom when I alter the top to fit the ladder by creating a flap. The Sunbrella fabric does a very good job at repelling rain/water and the vents really do allow air into the cockpit. Prior to this cover I used a canvass fabric that lasted (with some repairs) over thirty-one years. I am hoping for like service but time will tell.
Cover reviewed on Jul 10th, 2017
Fabric: Sharkskin Plus
Still too early to tell. I just recently put it on and although I am impressed with it's ability to stay on in strong winds, even without the straps, it does seem to retain an enormous amount of heat despite being ventilated. The vinyl upholstery in my boat became too hot to touch. Having stated that I can say I will get my moneys worth in being able to park my boat under the trees for shade without worrying about the leaves and debris filling up the boat thanks to the nice fit of the Sharkskin Plus cover.
Cover reviewed on Aug 3rd, 2016
Fabric: Sharkskin Supreme SD
I previously purchased a similar cover for a different boat and found it to be an excellent product in keeping my boat clean and protected. Though for this purchase a custom fit was not available, a semi custom for my specific boat was listed. I assumed that it would not fit as well as a custom cover but would be adequate. Unfortunately the bow on my boat is not as narrow as many v-hulls, but a more gradual curve. This cover was not wide enough to cover the rubrail. Except for this bow fit, it would otherwise have fit fine. This does not seem to have been a cover with any reference to the design of my boat but more of an off the shelf cover for the specific length for a v-hull with an expected narrower bow contour.
Cover reviewed on Jun 4th, 2016
Fabric: Sharkskin Plus
I wish to return this cover because it does not fit properly. Since I have a swim ladder a-fixed to my boat this cover is not designed to fit correctly as display in the video. The cover it self appears to be of good quality, but I am sorry that it does not fit my boat.
Cover reviewed on Jul 20th, 2015
Fabric: Sharkskin Supreme SD
The cover does not fit our 17' Larson Boat as well as expected. It needs to be slightly larger to fit at the stern without gaps. We cannot secure the cover properly for protection of the cushioned rail at the stern.
Cover reviewed on Aug 2nd, 2013
Fabric: Sharkskin Supreme SD
The cover is of very good quality. I'm also happy with the fit.
Cover reviewed on May 8th, 2013
Fabric: Sharkskin Plus
Cover feels and looks great. Fits well seams tough, should get many years of service out of it.
Cover reviewed on Jul 27th, 2012
Fabric: Sharkskin Plus
The product was easy to find on the web site and all I needed was the boat type and model to get a cover that fit properly. The cover is of good quality and I think will give me many years of service. The cover included some features I didn't expect like reinforcement where it covers the windshield and vents for circulation. The only thing that I would improve on is some type of device to tighten the synch rope rather than having to tie a knot.
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