Manitou by Triton Industries by Triton 22 Oasis Angler Full Front SHP Boat Cover 22 Oasis Angler Full Front SHP (2014 - 2016) ENDURACover Semi-Custom 22' Pontoons (with bimini tops and rails that partially enclose decks) Boat Cover

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Add Storage Bag
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Add Vented Support Pole
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Storage Bag

Perfect for stowing covers up to 25 feet long.

Durable polyester mesh bag allows the cover to breathe and has a nylon drawstring.
Only + $13.99 You Save 27%
Vented Support Pole

The best way to support your cover in rain, snow, and icy conditions! Includes adjustable anodized aluminum pole, boat vent, and instructions.

(Other poles are available to purchase on the next page, after you select your cover and "Add To Cart.")
Only + $28.23 You Save 21%
Cover Support System

Extend the life of your boat cover!

Includes one adjustable 40"-70" support pole, system center, and strap set.

(Pontoons will need two Support Systems.)
Only + $29.70 You Save 35%
(Representative Model Photo Only)
Made-To-Order Covers
5 Year Warranty

Performance Aqua Shield

100% polyester & 5 year warranty
MSRP: $708.88
Save: $347.35 (48%)

ENDURACover Cover Features

Made-To-Order Semi-Custom Covers

  • FREE O/B motor hood on all outboard models.
  • Made in 5 business days or less!
  • 1/4" strong shock cord in the hem.
  • Double stitch construction.
  • Sewn with weather resistant anti-wick thread.

Semi-Custom Cover Sizing & Fit Information

Triton 22 Oasis Angler Full Front SHP Semi-Custom Boat Covers
(Representative Photo Only)

22' Pontoon Boat Cover

  • Fits Boat Lengths: 21'7" - 22'6"
  • Maximum Beam: 102"
  • Each cover has sewn in pads for use with our boat cover support pole. Order part #60000.
  • A separate motor cover is included in each package.

About ENDURACover Semi-Custom Boat Covers

ENDURACover Semi-Custom Boat Covers

ENDURACover Semi-Custom Boat Covers

Protect yourself and the value of your boat with our quality ENDURACover semi-custom covers. Our covers use only tough, water repellent fabric, double stitched for strength and durability. Plus, they come standard with superior workmanship and quality fabrics, which set a new standard when it comes to protecting your investment.

For protection and beauty that make a difference, choose an cover.

ENDURACover Cover Fabrics

5 year limited warranty
2 colors available
8 oz. natural plied polyester, 600 denier, 90 thread
100% polyester
7 year warranty
11 colors available
7 oz. solution-dyed Polyester, 600 denier
100% Polyester

About ENDURACover 'Made-To-Order' Boat Covers

ENDURACover  Boat Covers
Made-To-Order Boat Covers will be manufacturered & shipped out in 5 Business Days or less.

Made-To-Order ENDURACover Boat Covers are manufactured to your exact boat & size specification, as well as your unique fabric and color selection.

The order is sent electronically to the manufacturer after you checkout & your order is completed.

Reviews for ENDURACover Semi-Custom Boat Covers

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ENDURACover Cover Reviews
  • Scores shown are based on all ENDURACover semi-custom boat cover reviews.
  • Specific Reviews are reviews for this exact boat cover part number.
  • Other Reviews are reviews for similar ENDURACover semi-custom boat covers.
Specific Reviews
Reviews for ENDURACover 22 Oasis Angler Full Front SHP Cover
Cover reviewed on Apr 4th, 2016
Fabric: Performance Aqua Shield
We were looking for a product that would do two things. First, cover our boat snugly and next, keep water out of the boat. The cover was advertised to be specifically made for our boat model. We were prompted to enter the boat length, manufacturer, and model into the website. Upon receiving the cover, we noted how thin the material was. We had purchased the second most expensive cover in hopes the the material would be durable. We went out and out the cover on and noticed that the material was already snagging g delicately on several spots on the boat. Clearly this material will not hold up! We went back and looked at the warranty and found that it DOES NOT cover snags....hmmmm! Our fault for purchasi G this cover without researching that first. We never should have moved forward. The next issue we found was that the cover is not snug. In fact, it is quite loose and will need extra additions in order to make it snug. Given the fact that it is not snug, the poles loosely wobble under the cover which allows for a sagging cover. A sagging cover lends to water pooling up and collapsing the cover. I would never recommend this product to anyone.
Cover reviewed on Apr 28th, 2015
Fabric: Supreme Aqua Shield
I purchased my cover to protect my pontoon from the harsh east coast weather conditions. I was very impressed with the craftsmanship and the material of this cover. I'll see if it stands the test of the sun as we all know how it affects any canvas cover. The fit was awesome as well and installation for the 24 footer was a breeze.
Cover reviewed on Jul 10th, 2014
Fabric: Supreme Aqua Shield
We got the cover on the pontoon and it looks and fits great. We had a nasty storm and the cover didn't let in any debris and it is great for keeping the sun from messing up the interior of the boat. GREAT JOB FOLKS!!!
Cover reviewed on May 28th, 2014
Fabric: Supreme Aqua Shield
Good price and fast delivery. Fits nicely.
Cover reviewed on Dec 4th, 2013
Fabric: Supreme Aqua Shield
Fits great - protects the boat as promised. Easy on and easy off
Cover reviewed on Jul 8th, 2013
Fabric: Performance Aqua Shield
easy to order, fast secure shipping to Canada. Cost less than 1/2 of local manufacturer.
Cover reviewed on May 22nd, 2013
Fabric: Performance Aqua Shield
To be honest with you, I have not tried yet. Only in the fall I will be able to give you my appreciation. Sorry for now.
Cover reviewed on Mar 25th, 2012
Fabric: Performance Aqua Shield
1 out of 1 users found this review helpful
Not bad for a semi-custom cover. Using the tent poles is awkward, but I intend to build wooden feet for them to make it easier to keep them upright. I also added a drawstring around the bottom circumference, using poly line and the trailer straps. I also intend to add a few button snaps on the bottom edge to ensure that the cover stays on in the marina.
Cover reviewed on Oct 15th, 2011
Fabric: Performance Aqua Shield
1 out of 1 users found this review helpful
cover appears to be able to do what its supposed to.
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